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Economic aspects of drying

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1. The use of mechanical drying systems offers so many advantages over sun drying like maintenance of paddy quality, safe drying during rain and at night, increased capacity, easy control of drying parameters and the potential for saving on labour cost. 

2. Reasons for failure of introduction of numerous drying systems have been attributed. 

3. The constraints can be grouped under headers related to technology, know-how, post-production system, management and economics.

4. Technology can be developed for know-how and management related issues can be addressed through capacity building measures, and post harvest system related problems by choosing the right technology options.

5. However, with respect to economics of drying, faces a problem, which is unique for post-production operations, namely the availability of sun drying as a simple and very inexpensive alternative.

6. In most cases pure economics therefore become the limiting factor for the introduction of mechanical drying systems.

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