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Drying Rate/Temperature

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1. Above 18 % moisture content, the grain drying rate can be increased by providing a higher temperature or more drying air without major changes in grain temperature.  

2. Below 18 % moisture content, increase in drying air temperature will not increase the drying rate but will increase grain temperatures and potentially damage the grain.

3. Therefore, higher drying air temperatures can be used to dry grain quickly down to 18% moisture content but lower temperatures should be used to remove internal moisture from the grain.

4. For seed purposes, drying air temperatures should never exceed 43ºC, regardless of the moisture content, to avoid overheating of the grain which kills the germ.

5. Exposing paddy to 60ºC for one hour can reduce the seed germination rate from 95 % to 30 %.  Two hours at 60ºC will reduce the germination rate to 5 %.

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