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Details of Sheath Blight disease ( Parnkarpa)

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1. Period of occurrence: Tillering to milk stage.

2. Extent of yield loss: On an average, 20 to 50% annual yield loss Alternate hosts: Among the plants recorded as hosts are, sugarcane, bean, soybean, tomato, egg plant, tobacco, water hyacinth , hyacinth bean and green gram.

3. Favourable conditions for the pathogen: High temperature (28-32°C), High relative humidity (>96%), Frequent rainfall, High doses of N and Close planting  .

4. Mode of transmission/dissemination: Seed, Soil, Wind, and Water.

5. Sources of inoculum: Sclerotial bodies left in the field from previous crop and weeds, Mycelium in the plant debris.

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RARS, Karjat
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Dr. D. Krishnaveni (DRR)
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