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Details of Brown leaf spot disease

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Period of occurrence: Seedling to maturity.

Extent of yield loss: 50-90% in extreme cases.

Collateral hosts: Digitaria sanguinalis, Leersia hexandra, Echinochloa colona, Pennisetum typhoides, Setariitalica, Cynodon dactylon.

 Favorable conditions for the pathogen:

 • Temperature of 25-30°C .

• Relative humidity (>90%).

• Heavy and late north-east monsoon.

 • Cloudy days .

• High doses of N Mode of transmission/ dissemination: wind Sources of inoculum: Seed, Collateral hosts, Rice straw or Stubble.

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RARS, Karjat
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Dr. D. Krishnaveni (DRR)
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