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Description of Harmonia octomaculata

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Economic importance : Generalist predator.

Hosts : Leafhoppers, planthoppers, aphids, and leaffolders.


  1. Harmonia octomaculata is a black-spotted lady beetle. It is reddish brown. Each front wing. or elytron has five black spots and the pronotum has one to two pairs of quadrate to sub- ovate black spots.
  2. It has black legs with reddish yellow tibiae and tarsi.
  3. The spotted lady beetle measures 6 to 7 mm long.

Biology and ecology:

Harmonia octomaculata can produce 150 to 200 offspring. Development from egg to adult takes about 1 to 2 weeks. Pupation takes place on the leaf.

The beetle larvae are more voracious than the adults. They can consume 5 to 10 prey a day and feed on all stages of the insect. They also catch slow-moving prey.

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