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Description of Elasmus wasp

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Economic importance: Parasitoid.
Hosts: Stem borer larvae.
1. Stenobracon nicevillei is a large braconid wasp measuring 9 to 13 mm long. Its wings are yellowish with three blackish markings on the front wings.
2. It has an elongated reddish yellow or orange-brown abdomen with the second segment elevated, smooth, and strongly defined. Its sixth abdominal segment is black.
3. The female wasp has an ovipositor twice as long as its body.
Biology and ecology
1. A female parasitoid inserts its long ovipositor inside the stem borer larva to lay a single egg. Each larval host allows development of a single larval parasitoid.
Stenobracon nicevillei is found in dryland environments

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