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Description of Anaxipha longipennis

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Economic importance : Generalist predator
Hosts : Leafhoppers, planthoppers, eggs of armyworm, whorl maggot, stem borers, and leaffolders.
1. Anaxipha longipennis is a brown cricket. Its head, thorax, wings, and legs are yellow. The scape and pedicel of the antennae are pale yellow.
2. The terminal segment of the maxillary palpi is triangular and has a broad truncated tip.
3. Wing venations differ in both sexes. The male adult has a neat anal mirror or ringed pattern. The female has a feebly convex wing with 5 straight veins in the dorsal area.
Biology and ecology
1. These predators are found in wetland and dryland habitats.
2. The females use their sword-like ovipositors to insert their eggs into the sheaths of rice and grasses.
3. Both the adults and nymphs are important predators.

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