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Description of Amauromorpha accepta metathoracica

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Economic importance: Larval parasitoid.
Hosts: Yellow and white stem borer larvae.
1. This larval parasitoid is a medium-sized ichneumon, red and black. Its abdominal segment I is black and reddish apico-laterally, whereas abdominal segments II to III are entirely black. Abdominal segment VII has a white apico-median transverse band. The front margin of the front wing is solid.
2. Two cross veins or recurrent veins in the front wings and an elongated median cell reaching the base of the marginal vein in the hind wings are evident.
Biology and ecology
1. This larval parasitoid lays a single egg into the larval host. The parasitoid larva emerges from the dead host and pupates inside the tunnel.

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