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Damage at Different Stages

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In India, rodents have been estimated to cause 5 to 10% losses in rice. Among the field crops, rice is the most vulnerable crop to rodents. In addition to tiller cutting, they also hoard ripened panicles inside their burrows.


• The nurseries are drained out and the rodents run freely inside the bed spoiling all germinated seed. Later, they also cut the seedlings 1-2 inches above the water level.

Main field

• Some times the rodents pull out the transplanted seedlings and create gaps in the main field.

• Generally, their activity is confined to inside field leaving 2-4 meters on all sides of the field.

• In the initial stage, damage appears in patches and after some time, all these small patches become into one big patch. Damage increases with the onset of panicle initiation and continues up to panicle emergence.

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