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Crop Establishment

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  • At 2-5 leaf stage (20-25 days age) , uproot the nursery, trim the tips of seedlings and transplant.
  • Crop establishment is a very important part and hence utmost care is needed to ensure good crop establishment.
  • Synchronous planting should be followed which enables efficient use of irrigation, and reduces
  • incidence of pests.
  • Seedlings should be uproooted from the nursery without damaging the roots and with minimal
  • shock.
  • Make sure that the seedlings are not mixed with weed seedlings.
  • Line transplanting should be followed as it helps in better crop growth and intercultural operations.
  • Generally recommended spacing is 15x10 or 20x10 cm.
  • Proper spacing should be followed between two seedlings to ensure that competition for nutrients
  • will not be there
  • In case of Direct Seeding, sowing should be done after proper puddling and levelling the land.
  • Direct sowing is practiced in areas with lower rainfall or areas with water and labor scarcity.

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