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Cost of drying

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1. Case studies in Asian countries indicate that mechanical dryers with cost higher than 5% of the paddy value cannot be introduced successfully.

2. There is no point in listing cost numbers for different drying systems here since drying cost depends on many site specific factors and a “business plan” including a cost-benefit calculation is needed for each individual drying system considering the conditions of the locality.

3.Drying costs are composed of fixed cost consisting depreciation, cost of interest, repair cost, and opportunity cost, and variable costs mainly of fuel, labour, and electricity costs.

4. Depending on the purpose of the drying cost calculation, drying cost can either be stated as annual cost or as cost per unit of weight.

5. If the assessment is done to compare the dryer with other drying systems, e.g. with Sun drying, the cost per unit of weight is more appropriate, if the drying system is evaluated as part of the whole postharvest system annual cost figures might be more feasible. 

6. In the following, the cost is referred to one metric ton of dried paddy.

Total drying costs are composed of two components, fixed cost and variable cost.

 Total drying cost = Fixed cost + Variable cost

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