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Circuitous pattern

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1. In a circuitous pattern the machine begins working along a boundary. It continues along the other boundaries of the land, returning to its starting point.
2. This pattern works from the outside to the center of the field and is the most commonly used system for ploughing in Asia.
3. It is commonly used with moldboards, discs and offset discs. This is the system that most animals are accustomed to working and it also requires less spatial judgment by the operator than working in a land type system.
4. The major disadvantage of this system is that the field ends up with a large cut out furrow in the center. Over time the field ends up having an oblong saucer shaped depression in the center that is hard to drain and makes it difficult to get an even depth of cultivation, good weed and water control.
5. A solution to this problem is ploughing out from the middle or working the field in lands

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