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Chemical control of pests at Panicle initiation to booting stage in Central Telangana Zone

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• Spray acephate @ 1.5 g or monocrotophos @ 2.2 ml or ethofenprox @ 2.0 ml or fenobucarb @ 2.0 ml or imidacloprid @ 0.25 ml or thiamethoxam @ 0.2 g or Buprofuzin 1.6ml per litre of water.

• Spray fluid (200 litres/acre) should be directed towards the base of the plant.

• Avoid spraying of combination of insecticides and synthetic pyrethroids.

• If second spray is warranted alternate the previous chemical preferably belonging to another group.


• Cartap hydrochloride 50 WP 2.0 g or acephate 1.5 g or profenophos 2.0 ml /litre of water (or) apply cartaphydrochloride 4G @ 8 kg/acre when the adult moths/egg masses @ one/ sq.m are noticed in the field.

Leaf folder:

• Spray cartaphydrochloride 2.0 g or acephate 1.5 g or profenophos 2.0 ml /litre of water.

Panicle mite:

• Spray profenophos 2.0 ml or dicofol 5.0 ml/litre of water

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