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Chemical Control

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1. Despite the drawbacks involved in insecticide

usage in rainfed rice systems, the farmers readily use pesticides in times of sudden pest outbreaks. 

2. During such times, there is a need to choose the right insecticide formulation and dose as well as suitable application technique based on pest biology and crop phenology. 

3. Further, the potential environmental hazards of the chemicals need to be taken into consideration particularly in areas like northeastern states where pesticide use is still low.

4. The insecticides, both granules and spray formulations, with selective as well as broad spectrum action against different pests. Careful selection of the right insecticides and dosages and their application based on tentative economic thresholds will result in optimum returns for the farmers.


File Courtesy: 
Technical Bulletin No. 10, Integrated Pest Management in Rainfed Rice Production Systems, Directorate of Rice Research.
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