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Characters of Quality Seed

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Characters of Quality Seed include Genetic purity, Physical purity, Physiological status of seed and Health status of seed.

1. Genetic purity: Seed should be genetically pure or true to type or resemble, its mother at all stages of reproduction (Seed - Plant - Seed). It is needed for maintenance of variety for future generation with originality.

2. Physical purity: It refers to cleanliness of the seed. Seed should be pure homogeneous and free from inert matter, other crop seed and weed seed. This is needed to maintain seed health and to maintain the genetic and physiological status of seed.

3. Physiological status of seed : Seed germination and vigour and its maintenance of higher order is known as the physiological status of seed. It is needed to maintain the planting value of seed.

4. Health status of seed : Healthy seed should be free from insect and pathogen attack and with lesser deterioration scale. It is needed to maintain the other mentioned qualities of seed

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