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Causal Organism and Symptoms of Sheath Brown Rot

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 Causal Organism of Sheath Brown Rot

  • Causal organism for Sheath brown rot is caused by Pseudomonas fuscovaginae Miyajima

Symptoms  of  Sheath Brown Rot

1. Symptoms appearing at seedling and later stages include discoloration and rotting of sheath. 

2. After transplanting, infected seedlings initially show yellow-brown discoloration on their lower leaf sheaths.

3. Later the discoloration turns gray-brown to dark brown. Ultimately, leaves rot then the infected seedlings die. 

4. The infected flag leaf sheath becomes water-soaked and necrotic. Other sheaths also exhibit lesions. 

5. Spikelets of emerging panicles are discolored, sterile, or may be symptomless except for small brown spots.

6. In acute infections, the sheaths turn completely grayish brown or dark brown and panicles shrivel and dry.


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