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Brown plant hopper (BPH)

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 Scientific name : Nilaparvata lugens.

  Local name:

Damage of Brown plant hopper:

This pest causes draining out of plant fluid and nutrients by continuous sucking during high infestation and plants become yellow and finally die.

This symptom of crop damage is known as hopper burn.

Control of Brown plant hopper:

 When insect population reaches at 10insect/hill apply monocrotophos 36EC @ 1.3 lit. /ha or chlorpyriphos 20EC@ 2.5 lit./ha or quinalphos 25EC @ 2 lit./ha or imidacloprid 200SL @ 0.5lit/ha as foliar spray with 500 lit. of water or carbofuran 3G @ 33 kg/ha

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