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Brown & Green Hopper

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Brown & Green Hopper

Symptoms of damage:

1. The leafhoppers attack all the stages of the plant. Both adults and nymphs cause direct damage by sucking plant sap leading to stunted growth and reduced tillering.

2. At high population levels their feeding results in the drying of the plants and the infested paddy fields appear blighted. Infestation at the time of panicle emergence affects grain formation.

3. Apart from direct damage the insect is also a carrier of tungro disease causing virus.

Control Measures:

1. To control both types of hopper apply Furadon 3G granules @ 30 Kg per hectare or Thimate 10 % @ 10 Kg/ha or Dimecron 100E.C. @ 0.5 ml in one litre of water or Rogor 30 E.C. @ 1.75 ml in one litre of water.

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DRD, Patna
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Dr. Chitra Shanker(DRR)
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