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Blue green algae

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  • Heterocysts are specialized cell in algal filaments, which act as seats of nitrogen fixation. 
  • The most important species are Anabaena and Nostoc. 
  • The amount of nitrogen fixed by blue green algae is range from 15-45 kg N /ha (Costa et al., 2002). 
  • Standing water of 2-10 cm in the field is a prerequisite for the growth of blue green algae. 
  • It can grow in a temperature range of 20-35oC. 
  • Bright sunshine increases the growth rate while rains and cloudiness slows growth rate. 
  • It grows well in a pH range of 7-8 and in soils high organic matter. 
  • Application of this algae preparation at a rate of 10 kg/ha in rice fields, one week after transplanting is recommended (Dobbelaere et al., 2007). 
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R K Avasthe, Subhash Babu and Raghavendra Singh ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
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