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Benefits of Biofertilizers

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Biofertilizers are important for their contribution as agricultural input to sustainable rice production due to the following advantages.

1. Biofertilizers supplement chemical fertilizers as they contribute plant nutrients through biological nitrogen fixation and solubilization of fixed phosphate.

2. They are cheap so can help to reduce chemical fertilizer consumption.

3. They provide atmospheric nitrogen directly to the rice crop by way of nitrogen fixation.

4. They enhance plant growth to release of hormones, vitamins, auxins etc.

5. It is reported that 10 to 20 per cent rice yield can be increased with their use.

6. They control soil borne diseases as some of the inoculants produce antibiotics.

7. They help in proliferation and survival of beneficial microorganism of soil.

8. They improve soil properties and sustain soil fertility.

9. They help in mineralization of plant nutrients.

10. They are eco-friendly and pollution free because they contain only beneficial microorganism and not the chemicals.

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