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Asian rice gall midge

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Scientific name : Orseolia oryzae

Local name:

Damage of Asian rice gall midge:

1. Infestation starts from nursery to panicle stage of the crop.

2. After hatching the maggots migrate to the growing meristematic tissue and feed on it, which in turn causes formation of gall called silver shoot/ onion shoot.

Control of Asian rice gall midge:

i. Seed immersion with cholrpyriphos 20EC@ 10 ml in one lit.

ii. water for 3 h or seed mixing with chlorpyriphos 20EC@ 3.75 lit./100 kg along with 10% solution of gum arabica or imidacloprid 200SL(20%) @ 0.25lit./100 kg.

iii. Seedling root dip in chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 1ml in one lit. water for 12 h. The exposure period can be reduced to 3 h if insecticide is mixed with 1% urea solution(10g urea in one lit. water).

iv. Granular application of carbofuran 3G @ 33 kg/ha or phorate 10G@ 10 kg /ha is also effective.

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