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Indian farmer gets appreciation for innovation with aromatic rice

GANGTOK: India's Directorate of Rice Research has appreciated Kailash Rana Manger,  a progressive farmer from Sikkim, for innovations in rice cultivation and he was called as the rice innovator of Sikkim during the ‘Innovative Rice Farmers Meet 2011’ held in August at Hyderabad.

Manger had been appreciated for his innovative replacement of ‘Kalo Nuniya Dhaan’ in place of local scented variety for a high yiel


Bihar farmer beats world in paddy cultivation

It’s a green revolution of a different sort for Bihar. A farmer has set the world record in paddy cultivation over a hectare, using the indigenous system of roots intensification (SRI). The previous record was China’s.

Sumant Kumar of Darveshpura village under Katrisarai block of Nalanda district yielded 224 quintal paddy per hectare beating the world record of Yuan Longping of China with 190 quintals of paddy produce per hectare.

Kumar achieved the feat through the widely-acclaimed SRI method, which was introduced in the district in 2008.


FLDs - Seeing is Believing

One of the major functions of Agricultural Scientists and Extension workers is disseminating useful and practical information obtained through research to farmers. The efficient and effective ways to do this among others is through well-planned and carefully organized Frontline Demonstrations (FLDs). The on-farm FLDs serve as one of the most effective Extension Education tools ever developed for transfer of technology.

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