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Food corporation of India


Food Corporation of India Adds Over 4 Million Tons Storage Space in 2012-13

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has added around 4.13 million tons of storage space during 2012-13 (April- March), with private warehouses making for most of the additions.

The FCI says that total storage space for storing food grains (mostly wheat and rice) with the agency as of April 1, 2013 stands at around 37.73 million tons, up about 4.13 million tons or about 12.3% from around 33.6 million tons recorded on April 1, 2012.

New covered space of around 3.78 million tons was hired, while about 260,000 tons of open space (cover and plinth) storage space was hired by the government durng 2012-13, according to FCI data. FCI owned storage space remains almost stagnant at around 13 million tons under the covered category and around 2.6 million tons under the open space category.

Storage space with the FCI accounts for around 50% of total storage space in the country’s central pool, which includes storage space with other central and state government agencies. According to official sources, total storage space for food grains in India now stands at around 71.8 million tons, including 37.7 million tons with the FCI and about 34.1 million tons with other agencies).

This year, total food grains stocks in India’s central pool is expected to peak at over 80 million tons in June-July 2013, which might result in significant losses of food grains due to exposure to monsoon rains that are expected to arrive in the country in June.

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