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Bengal to introduce mobile based information system for paddy procurement

KOLKATA: The department of food and supplies is introducing mobile based sms information system for paddy procurement in the state.

From now on the daily purchase of paddy by the rice mills and the six CMR agencies like NAFED, CONFED, ECSC and NACOF etc will be recorded by the food and supplies department on a daily basis by way of receiving information from GPS enabled mobile SMS regarding the amount of paddy being purchased and the number of farmers involved from the point the purchase will be made.

It will be a web based application and there will be a central server where the information received through SMSs will be automatically recorded and will be seen on the geographical map of the state. This will help the department to keep track as to in which locations the paddy procurement is taking place, how much are being purchased and whether there is any discrepancy occurring in the process. A comprehensive data base by way of a micro plan has been developed that are interlinked with the stakeholders of the operation such as the rice millers, CMR agencies, state officials and district administration. This will also help the department to reduce the response time in reaching the left out areas so that the farmers are benefited. The state has set a target to procure 30 lakh metric tonne of paddy this year.

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