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History of development of rice varieties in India

1. Rice breeding programme in India was started by Dr. G. P. Hector, the then Economic Botanist during 1911 in undivided Bengal with headquarters at Dacca (now in Bangladesh). Subsequently, in 1912, a crop specialist was appointed exclusively for rice in Madras Province.

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Origin of rice

1. In the beginning rice grew wild, but today most countries cultivate varieties belonging to the Oryza type which has around twenty different species. Only two of them offer an agriculture interest for humans.

2. Oryza sativa: a common Asian rice found in most producing countries which originated in the Far East at the foot of the Himalayas. O. sativa japonica grew on the Chinese side of the mountains and O. sativa indica on the Indian side. The majority of the cultivated varieties belong to this species, which is characterized by its plasticity and taste qualities.

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Rice for worshiping God

Rice for worshipping God: 

Rice   has a great cultural heritage. Many preparations viz., payasam, paravannam, ondrallu,

arshalu, laddulu etc., are prepared and offered to the God at the time of worshipping.


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