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Seed godown at Kalarcode to fill the rice bowl of Kerala

ALAPPUZHA: The state government has set up a seed godown complex at Kalarcode in Alappuzha to provide quality seeds to Kuttanad farmers on time. Agriculture minister KP Mohanan would inaugurate the new facility constructed by the Kerala State Seed Development Authority, on Friday, said agricultural department additional director V V Pushpangadan at a press conference here on Thursday.


Rice Almanac

Rice Almanac is the most comprehensive databook on rice.

The contents of Rice Almanac are as follows:


1. Agro-Ecological Regions in India.

2. Rice in India.

3. Rice Ecosystems.

4. Mechanization in Rice Production.

5. Rice Genetic Resources.

6. AICRIP Network.

7. Quality Seed Production Districts.

8. Rice Mills.

9. Retention of Rice for Various Purposes.

10. MSP of Rice.

11. State-Wise Procurement of Rice.

12. Nutritional Status of Rice Grains.

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