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Assam to procure rice directly from farmers

Guwahati, Mar 25 (PTI) Assam government has for the first time decided to procure rice directly from farmers through the Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board. The procurement would begin from October-November this year, an official release said.

The decision to procure rice directly from farmers was taken at a high level meeting attended by Agriculture Minister Nilomani Sen Deka. The government has also decided to send officers' teams to other states to explore possibilities for marketing rice outside Assam.


Rice Procurement Crosses 250 Lakh Tonne

 Rice procurement in the Kharif marketing season 2011-12 (October-September) has crossed the mark of 250 lakh tonne. According to statistics 2,50,24,200 tonne rice has been procured by the various government agencies by February 22, 2012. 

Punjab procured 77,31,325 tonne followed by Chhatisgarh 40,54,679 Andhra Pradesh 36,87,335 and Haryana 19,73,875 tonne of rice. This procurement is 1,75,517 tonne more than the corresponding day of last marketing season. 
Source: Press Information Bureau, Government of India


Rice Procurement Crosses 196 lakh Tonne

New Delhi , January 19,2012 17:51 IST

Rice procurement in the Kharif Marketing Season 2011-12 (October-September) has crossed the mark of more than 196 lakh tonne. According to statistics 196,50,122 tonne rice has been procured by the various government agencies by January 19, 2012. 
Chhatisgarh procured 29,43,058 tonne followed by Andhra 24,98,224 and Haryana 197,00,20 tonne of rice.


Over 623 Lakh Tonne Foodgrains Procured from 2010-11 Crops

It is estimated that 610 lakh tonnes of rice & wheat would be required to cover beneficiaries under the proposed National Food Security Bill (NFSB). 341.97 lakh tonnes of rice and 281.44 lakh tonnes of wheat have been procured from 2010-11 crops, aggregating to 623.41 lakh tonnes.

The following steps have been taken to speed up the procurement process:-


Paddy procurement to be kept track in SMS

BHUBANESWAR: With sluggish paddy procurement fuelling apprehensions of distress sale, the State Government has hit upon the novel idea of using SMS services to keep abreast of the daily information
The mobile governance, as the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department calls it, will keep track of paddy procurement from centres on a day-to-day basis so that a compiled information can be generated in Bhubaneswar.


Record paddy procurement in Haryana; Punjab buying dips

Chandigarh, Nov 29 (PTI) Haryana has recorded all-time high procurement of paddy for the central pool at 29.15 lakh tonne while lifting in agrarian state of Punjab is likely to end up at 120 lakh tonne in 2011-12 season. Before the start of procurement season, both agrarian states had targeted to procure 168 lakh tonne of paddy comprising 140 lakh tonne from Punjab and rest from Haryana. In the ongoing crop lifting, Haryana has exceeded the all time high procurement of 26.36 lakh tonne in 2009-10 for central pool by lifting 29.15 lakh tonne of crop (excluding private purchase).

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