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Father of hybrid rice honoured with Mahathir science award

KUALA LUMPUR: The introduction of hybrid rice to the world in 1979 enabled China to feed 70 million more people annually and uplift the status of rice farmers by maximizing output from paddy fields.

“Hybrid rice technology belongs not only to China but also to the world,” said Prof Yuan LongPing, the man behind China’s hybrid rice.

For his achievement, Prof Yuan, who is director general of China National Hybrid Rice Research Development Centre, was awarded the 2011 Mahathir Science Award.


Bihar farmer beats world in paddy cultivation

It’s a green revolution of a different sort for Bihar. A farmer has set the world record in paddy cultivation over a hectare, using the indigenous system of roots intensification (SRI). The previous record was China’s.

Sumant Kumar of Darveshpura village under Katrisarai block of Nalanda district yielded 224 quintal paddy per hectare beating the world record of Yuan Longping of China with 190 quintals of paddy produce per hectare.

Kumar achieved the feat through the widely-acclaimed SRI method, which was introduced in the district in 2008.

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