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Foodgrains output set to touch all-time record of 252.6 mt


The Agriculture Ministry has raised foodgrains production estimate for 2011-12 to an all-time record of 252.56 million tonnes on higher rice and wheat output.
Earlier, the Government had pegged the foodgrains output at 250.42 mt.
Releasing the third advance crop estimates, the Agriculture Minister, Mr Sharad Pawar, said rice and wheat production for 2011-12 will touch an all-time record of 103.41 mt and 90.23 mt, respectively.


Bihar self-sufficient in foodgrains: Shyam Rajak

PATNA: Food and consumer protection ministerShyam Rajak on Monday said that Bihar has almost attained the distinction of being one of the frontline foodgrains producing states like Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh with record agriculture production and procurement of 22 lakh metric tonnes (MT) of paddy to meet its foodgrains requirement.

Rajak told the media here that his ministry has asked the Food Corporation of India (FCI) not to bring rice from other states to Bihar as the state has reached the capacity of supplying foodgrains to the BPL families and also those covered under Antyoday


Additional Foodgrains to the States on Subsidized Rates

 The Centre has allocated additional foodgrains to some of the states, on their request, on subsidized rates under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). 

Odisha has been made additional allocation of 2995 MTs. of rice for distribution to 17,118 APL familes of Kandhamal district @ 35 kg. per family/month at AAY price of Rs.3/- per kg. 
Assam has been allocated additional foodgrains for APL families.

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