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Farmers Innovation


School drop-out helps preserve traditional paddy seeds

The State Government conferred the best organic farmer award on him
Adhirangam is a small village in Kattimadu block, Thiruthuraipoondi in Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu.

All these years the village, except for its ancient temple, was nondescript. But today the number of people visiting the village has gone up. All of them ask for one name, that of R. Jayaraman.


Indian farmer gets appreciation for innovation with aromatic rice

GANGTOK: India's Directorate of Rice Research has appreciated Kailash Rana Manger,  a progressive farmer from Sikkim, for innovations in rice cultivation and he was called as the rice innovator of Sikkim during the ‘Innovative Rice Farmers Meet 2011’ held in August at Hyderabad.

Manger had been appreciated for his innovative replacement of ‘Kalo Nuniya Dhaan’ in place of local scented variety for a high yiel

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