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Rice exports to gather steam on weak rupee

NEW DELHI: The weakening rupee has made Indian rice more competitive globally and exporters feel that such a trend would help them expand markets.

“The exports have been good so far. The currency depreciation has made Indian rice more competitive, ” said Mr Vijay Setia, President of All India Rice Exporters Association. However, the weak currency is not a good sign in the long run.
Since the beginning of the current financial year, the rupee has depreciated 5.5 per cent against the dollar.


Demand of Indian Rice in International Market

 As per UNCOMTRADE data, the international trade in rice during the year 2010 was 22.90 Million MTs Valued at 15316.31 Million USD.


Government can continue with wheat, non-basmati rice exports: KV Thomas

 NEW DELHI: With granaries overflowing, the government today said it can continue exports of wheat and non-basmati rice for some more time.

In September 2011, the government had lifted a four-year -old ban on wheat exports and freed non-basmati rice shipments. It decided to review exports after shipments of these two commodities crossed two million tonnes each.
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