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Rice and rice based farming systems of North Eastern region

The rice farming situations in the North Eastern Hills are as follows:

1. Direct seeded, rain fed in upland (on steep slopes),

2. Direct seeded rain fed on level bench terraces,

3. Transplanted on wet terraces; and

4. Transplanted in valley lands.

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A.K. Mohanty, Chandan Kapoor, R. Gopi, S. N. Meera and R. K. Avasthe, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region

Assam to procure rice directly from farmers

Guwahati, Mar 25 (PTI) Assam government has for the first time decided to procure rice directly from farmers through the Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board. The procurement would begin from October-November this year, an official release said.

The decision to procure rice directly from farmers was taken at a high level meeting attended by Agriculture Minister Nilomani Sen Deka. The government has also decided to send officers' teams to other states to explore possibilities for marketing rice outside Assam.


Surplus in rice, Assam sets 10 million MT target

 Guwahati: Assam has made a significant turnaround in attaining self-sufficiency in rice in the last one decade or more, prompting the Assam Agricultural University (AAU) to set for itself a target of helping the state achieve a record output of 100 lakh metric tonnes of rice per annum in less than a decade.


Additional Foodgrains to the States on Subsidized Rates

 The Centre has allocated additional foodgrains to some of the states, on their request, on subsidized rates under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). 

Odisha has been made additional allocation of 2995 MTs. of rice for distribution to 17,118 APL familes of Kandhamal district @ 35 kg. per family/month at AAY price of Rs.3/- per kg. 
Assam has been allocated additional foodgrains for APL families.

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